Leverage our services to manage revenue, interface across customer & partner systems and drive industry best practices into your operations. Minimize operational costs of IT and enable services through our hybrid pricing models that combine software and revenue cycle management services.
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Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize collections from insurance, patients and clients
Claims Per Week
Claimed Per Week
  • Services provided using our robust claims processing platform
  • Auto-coding and claim crossover from product suite
  • Visibility into revenue metrics through dashboards
  • Cash flow analysis and projections
  • Payment analysis by insurance and CPT
  • Managed care contracting
  • Patients can pay bills via check or credit card, by phone or email
  • Process check, telephone and online payments
RCM Dashboard VitalCollect
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Services for a connected world

Interfacing and integration between healthcare software and systems
Active Interfaces
  • Extensive experience interfacing with leading healthcare software systems. Click here for a partial list
  • Integrate into PMS, EMR, LIS, billing, imaging, instrumentation and external data-warehouse systems
  • Interfaces are deployed on a centralized, secure, HIPAA compliant, fault tolerant cloud in a hub and spoke model
  • Interfaces are actively monitored, alerts raised on faults and corresponding course correction made
  • Real-time and batch mode of interfacing
  • Interface projects are managed across various stakeholders including 3rd party software vendors
  • Interfaces deployed within weeks rather than months
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Implement Industry Best Practices

Optimize facilities, workflows, staffing, operations, equipment and IT infrastructure


  • Drive industry best practices into your operations
  • Optimize workflow to reduce risks & errors, increase operational and resource efficiency
  • Derive maximum utilization of IT resources, systems and configurations
  • Uncover new streams of revenue and market opportunities
  • Build new organizations, locations and capabilities

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