Electronic Orders

Create requisitions based on the schedule of patient procedures. Order online through selection of tests, specimen and AOE (Ask at Order Entry) questions. Print bar-coded requisitions and specimen labels. Track orders through completion of test and availability of reports.

Electronic Lab Orders Physicians VitalOffice
Alternative Lab Requisition ALR Order Physician VitalOffice

Alternative Lab Requisition (ALR)

Establish rules for automatic selection of labs, service levels and billing options based on payers, specialties and test types. ALRs can be applied on incoming orders from external software.

Patient Lookup

Lookup patients from existing EMR/PMS systems through a patient demographics/insurance interface. Lookup real-time or through batched upload modes.

Patient Lookup EMR PMS Physician Lab Order VitalOffice
Lab Order Logistics Physician VitalOffice

Order Logistics

Package orders and ship via FedEx, UPS or private couriers. Track status of packages through the shipment. Private couriers utilize GPS enabled VitalTrack for picking and tracking packages.

Distribution Hub

Print result online or interface with existing EMR/PMS. Setup automatic distribution on remote printers, fax machines or network folders. Mark distribution status online.

Lab Result Distribution Hub Physician VitalOffice
Superbills Physicians VitalOffice

Receive Superbills

Receive superbills online for TC/PC, client bill and other financial arrangements. Superbills are pre-coded with ICD and CPT units. Integrate superbills into your billing system.

VitalOffice HD – Tablet based Interface

Utilize a supercharged touch based interface for Visual Ordering, Patient Lookup, Site Selection and Result Viewing.

Tablet Lab Ordering Physicians VitalOffice

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